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Survey: Auto Shows Have Powerful Effect on Car Sales

A survey of nearly 7,500 new-car buyers indicated that 23 percent of them shopped for a new vehicle at an auto show, according to Foresight Research in Rochester, Mich.


Out of the 23 percent (or 1,725 new-car buyers) who shopped at an auto show, 60 percent said they decided what brand to buy upon leaving the show, says Steve Bruyn, CEO of Foresight Research, who presented its “2011 Auto Show Strategy Report” to industry executives at the Motor Trend Auto Shows’ Client Summit in Las Vegas on June 2.


“State and regional auto shows are extremely effective in helping sell cars,” said John Marriott, senior vice president, Source Interlink Media Events Group. “The Foresight Research study quantifies the impact of auto shows on the new car purchasing process, and should help automotive manufacturers and new car dealers to better understand the value of participating in these annual events.”


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Source: Motor Trend Auto Shows