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Studies/Special Reports

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Date                    Report                                                                               Source                          
February 2012

Factory Image Programs: An NADA Research Project


Excerpt: " ... [B]oiled down to their core, [our findings] include our belief that the economic value of these [factory impage] programs remains only weakly demonstrated, our worry that program cost is excessively high, and our concern that such programs may not be best preparing automotive retailers for the future evolution of our industry."

Auto Analyst
Glenn Mercer

December 2011

How America Started Selling Cars Again


Excerpt: "The boss of Chrysler, Fiat and Fiat Industrial is one very unusual management mosaic: a cigarette-puffing, music-loving, gadget-obsessed, speed-demon Italo-Canadian lawyer and accountant who has revived iconic but dysfunctional automobile companies on both sides of the Atlantic."

TIME Magazine
February 2011 

Jobless Claims, Unemployment and the Highest-Employing Industries in 2011


Excerpt: "The Car and Automobile Manufacturing industry lies second on the list of more than 700 industries in regard to year-on-year employment growth as a percentage. This industry is expected to expand employment by 15.7%, and revenue growth of over 17% in 2011 will be a key factor in the need to employ more people."

November 2008 

Dealers: The Automaker's Revenue Lifeline


Excerpt: "U.S. franchised auto dealers have invested $233.5 billion in their independent businesses. This investment represents more capital than the total industrial assets of any of the world’s largest automakers."

Casesa Shapiro Group
July 2011 

Survey: Auto Shows Have Powerful Effect on Car Sales


Excerpt: A survey of nearly 7,500 new-car buyers indicated that 23 percent of them shopped for a new vehicle at an auto show, according to Foresight Research in Rochester, Mich.

Foresight Research
November 2010 

Study: Car Shoppers Influenced Most by TV Advertising


Excerpt: A recent survey by TVB and Futures Company found that television is still king among the growing list of advertising platforms used by dealerships. But car commercials are not always effective at closing the deal.

TVB and Futures Co.
March 2011 

NADA Headlines Celebrates 10 Years


Excerpt: NADA's award-winning e-newsletter, NADA Headlines, celebrates its 10-year anniversary with more than 37,000 subscribers.

NADA Newswire