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2011 Speeches

Archive:   2010

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December 9, 2011   Persistence
2011 NADA Chairman
Dealer Candidate Academy Class 171 Graduates, McLean, Virginia
Our industry is changing so rapidly. We need your energy and your passion for this business. We need your knowledge of cutting-edge technology as we discover new ways to reach and serve our customers." 
November 24, 2011   The State of the U.S. Auto Industry
2011 NADA Chairman
FENABRAVE International Roundtable, Sao Paulo
The facility image decision is often based on subjective factors, such as opinions, pressure and personalities, which is no way to guide such spending.
This is an issue that NADA is diligently working on and one that has tremendous financial implications."
October 20, 2011   Factory Image Programs: Are They Cost Effective?
2011 NADA Chairman
Automotive Press Association, Detroit
NADA has commissioned an objective, fact-based study of the various factors that drive the ROI of facility programs, both positive and negative. The goal is to move the facilities-investment decision onto a rational, informed and fact-driven footing." 
October 14, 2011   54.5 by 2025: Too Far Too Fast?
2011 NADA Chairman
Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association, Maui, Hawaii
For me the question is, is it technically feasible and economically practical? Or is it overly ambitious? What about unintended consequences? Will huge numbers of consumers be priced out of the market? Will it create a new “jalopy effect,” where owners decide to keep their old cars and trucks instead of paying a premium for the higher mpg vehicles?" 
May 10, 2011   Renewed Optimism
2011 NADA Vice Chairman
Motor Dealers’ Association of Alberta, Las Vegas
Analysts credit our industry with leading the economic recovery. Keeping it going is going to take the combined effort of everyone involved: dealers, remarketers, OEMs, suppliers and all of the other partners it takes to make this industry so successful." 
February 7, 2011   Let’s Keep it Going
2011 NADA Chairman
2011 NADA Convention & Expo, San Francisco
On the one hand, these last few years have been the most difficult for our industry since the Great Depression. But they also have been some of the most important years in decades. Yes, they were traumatic. And many of us are still struggling, but don’t forget how much has been accomplished." 
February 5, 2011   What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been
Remarks by ED TONKIN
2010 NADA Chairman
2011 NADA Convention, San Francisco
Who would have thought we would ride a three-year roller coaster? Our industry was in bad shape. But by pulling together, we literally brought ourselves back from the brink of disaster." 
January 27, 2011   Don’t Get Ahead of the Consumer
Remarks by ED TONKIN
2010 NADA Chairman
SAE Plenary Panel/Washington Auto Show, Washington, D.C.
Are we going to price consumers out of the market? We must remember who is the most important person in the auto industry. ... It’s the consumer. Nothing happens in our industry until someone buys a car or truck." 



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